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Brain training for kids is quickly becoming a mainstream activity that is seen in schools, after care programs and of course at home.

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What Causes ADHD in Kids?

I’ve heard teachers say, “All the kids in my class have ADHD.” Of course, that’s not true but I’m sure it must seem like it. And how many times have you said “Oh, I was just so ADHD today”? Or maybe you’ve said, “If my kids would just stop running around like they have ADHD”? ADHD is a common term. Some of us, especially those with kids who... Read more

Understanding Dyslexia – Knowing the Facts

By Emma M Hamilton Changing Attitudes to Dyslexia When I was at school, mid-seventies to mid-eighties, being dyslexic meant you had “special needs” and were sent to the “remedial class” – or, as it was more commonly known, the “numpty class”. In those days there seemed to be a common understanding amongst kids (and many teachers) that dyslexic students were... Read more

Is High IQ Sufficient to Identify a Gifted Child

By Adam Caller Schools have a responsibility to provide the best education they can to every child. Part of this duty is the identification of those with learning difficulties and also the gifted and talented. Both groups of children require different support from the school environment, but learning difficulties are often prioritised above helping the gifted. After all, schools want to make sure... Read more

Identifying an Early Learning Disability – And How to Help at Home

By¬† Wendy Burt-Thomas While children and teens with learning disabilities are often “diagnosed” in middle school or high school, many disabilities can actually be PREVENTED by intervention at a much earlier age. Experts now know that there are things that parents can do at home to help even the youngest children. The root of learning “The root of learning – whether it be reading,... Read more

Raising Your Child’s IQ

By Wendy Burt-Thomas Many parents are surprised to learn that their child’s IQ score can actually be increased. After all, we were raised to believe that IQ was stagnant – that is, you are born with the IQ you’ll have throughout life. But in the 1990s, brain researchers discovered that the brain is actually capable of changing and regrowing the connections between brain cells. It’s... Read more

Six Brain Exercises For Children

As children are growing up they are developing thinking, as well as behavioral, patterns. Using these 6 brain exercises for children is one way to help them develop these skills for better functioning and mental abilities for life. Word Searches/Crosswords They make many books for kids that contain word searches and crosswords. These are great activities for children to exercise their brains... Read more

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