Brain Games

If you are like me, you have already began to get lost in that “brain fog” that can arise and make you forget where your keys are, where you parked your car and the name of the person you saw at the mall but couldn’t place her name for nothing. If I just described your life to a tee, then you and I both could benefit from a little brain aerobics! Brain teasers are the perfect way to find your “perkier brain” again . . . the one that didn’t search for her glasses all while they were still on top of her head.

One of my favorite classic brain teasers have always been Mad Libs. I loved them as a kid and still do to this very day. It’s easy to create your own Mad Libs with just a pencil, paper and little imagination. Try writing a sentence out with four blanks inside. Fill the blank only with one letter, such as “A F____ on a L_____ got up to J_____ with a H______. “ Then attempt to fill in the blanks using only words that rhyme. My answer for this was “A frog on a log got up to jog with a hog.” Be as a silly as you like. That’s what makes it fun!

Sudoku was one of my least favorite brain teasers – that was until I discovered it in a new way. Writing in all those little numbers always irritated me, especially when I made an error and had to go back and erase continually. World Winner, an online game site, has a wonderful adventure paced version of this classic favorite. Set to the theme of a pirate’s quest for treasure, each time you fill a box correctly the screen rains down with jewels. One of the best things about World Winner, is you can play other contestants for small cash prizes or if you are a just-for-fun girl like myself, you can play for free.

Even though I’ve far passed my childhood days, I still love a good riddle. The riddle is so wonderful because it really “drives” us to use our minds. The promise of a mystery that can only be figured out by thinking in a new way really motivates us more than anything else. Everyone loves to “crack the code” and an extra bonus to the riddle is that it really makes you feel like a kid again.

Even with all of the advances in technology today, I’m still convinced that classics are, well, classics for a reason. While there are so many great games out there for everything from your laptop to your I-phone – I have to tell you. A dear elderly friend of mine, a math teacher of sixty years, never played a “brain videogame” nor did she have access to the internet. Yet, she tutored college kids in Algebra until she was 100 years old!

Take the time to do a few of these exercises every week and your brain muscles will put The Rock’s biceps to shame!